Here I post my discoveries, epiphanies and lessons learned during my ongoing pursuit of the art of performance, on stage, film, street, park, etc.


I have fallen in love with a song.  I want to learn it and sing it.  I listen to it continuously, on the subway, while walking, waiting, paying attention to each groove in the phrasing.  I think of it, I record myself singing it, I listen to that, I make note of what I need to work on.  It is so meditative, I want to fall asleep listening to it, I want to wake up with that in my head and being, I want to go to the park and practice it in the morning.  I am always conscious of singing out loud because I feel I'll bother people around me.  It is simply wonderful to immerse oneself into something so deeply because you love every moment of that feeling of wanting to know something so well.  Wanting to give it all your attention and focus so you can create it yourself.  I love to sing and when a music I hear takes me on that journey, I only feel bliss.

Tsunami to share

Another post about how much is being experienced and learned, yet no time spent on this blog to write about it.. I really should, but simply no time.

Today I heard something from an artist and I've been thinking about it since then.
These artists are an international ensemble who get together and create new works.  I found it amazing, so while talking with one of them, I asked how it is, working with people who are not exactly in the same city or even country.  He said they all liked collaborating and liked the time spent together creating and learning. And then they would take each what they found and the period of gestation would let them create further on their own and share once again upon meeting and discover how it has developed.

I find that exercise to be very interesting and something I consider valuable as an artist and I think I would like to experience working with an ensemble such as that.