Here I post my discoveries, epiphanies and lessons learned during my ongoing pursuit of the art of performance, on stage, film, street, park, etc.


That's what I call it.  An actor faces schegrueling when weeks after an audition you suddenly learn that yes, you have been called back and you are elated and then soon after you realize that you have other opportunity coming up at the same time.  Now it's between the callback that may lead to casting, but then there is that opportunity that you already have, but you know the former is more attractive.  Why does it happen like that? I don't know.  And you have no time, you must decide, you must negotiate, you must be tactful.  Even after all the schegreuling, no matter how well you plan, you must accept that fact that unfortunately there is only one of you.  What does ease this process is, open communication, NOT waiting forever to let people know that you may be in the process of making up your mind and I guess have a process of elimination.  I commend the people who have learned to prioritize what opportunities to jump on and which to hold off on.  But I guess that comes with experience and knowing your industry more, knowing how this city works more.  I will say I am glad to be in a situation to be able to make a choice, big or small.  Back to schegreuling.

Feeling the pangs of the social networks ?

Though I should be blogging about other more relevant experiences about theater and my findings so far.. I feel I must recollect for myself a revelation I had. While hanging out at a food festival in Manhattan, I made use of the camera on the phone and started the clicking.  

Snapping some clever signs put up by the shops presenting a variety of food items, some food frying over the grill, some funny outfits.. and on and on, uploading that to my Facebook account..walking absorbing the tapestry of aromas around me..oh look someone already commented.. replying to that.  After few status updates, uploads and comments the phone is dead.  Now what?  Well, there is a 12 block food festival staring me in the face, I guess it's time to enjoy, eat, drink, listen to the music, watch an awkward dance performance by a dude dressed in a batman outfit dancing to everything from soul tunes to bollywood music, check out the religious puppet show. 

Now I don't know if this is normal, or perhaps this is just me, I think in the back of my head .. "Would be nice to take a picture of this, and post it on my fb"... does anyone else feel that? Do other people have that desire when they encounter something cool or amusing to quickly tweet about it or facebook it? Is it normal? I can't tell.  It's almost like suffering from a condition or ailment that I had no idea I had.  Perhaps I'm thinking too much.  Is it like a silent disability in the community, not being able to enjoy a moment and letting it go without making a record? Telling the world? Why?  How much of this is for my own memory? And how much just to post on the profile or tweet and then what? What is the point?  May be the issue is not how much work goes into recording all these moments at the expense of simply living them.. but the anxiety of how they will be forgotten or as if they haven't really happened because they were never exhibited on one of the portals for people to look at, like, comment or for myself to go back to reminisce.

Today I had a great day, many good moments and I chose not to tweet/Facebook it.  It didn't seem necessary, may be the idea of sharing the moment is fulfilled by the presence of another person.  She doesn't seem too keen on social networking, she is still working on the text messaging.  We had a great time.. at several moments I thought about taking a picture but didn't get around to it.. simply lived and let that moment be, not sure if I'm regretting that I didn't take a picture, make a video or update my status .. but I do have that feeling that those moments will perhaps be more easily lost in the fast paced life.