Here I post my discoveries, epiphanies and lessons learned during my ongoing pursuit of the art of performance, on stage, film, street, park, etc.

First tv appearance and filming my first short

I am excited.  I will be on the next episode of Royal Pains ep 13 "Something fishy this way comes" sept 12 9pm USA Network. You can't blink :P This was a great opportunity to spend time on the set of a tv series.  There is a lot to be learned from simply observing people who work professionally to tell stories on the silver screen.

What inspires me most is that today I will shoot the first scene of a short film that I am writing . My very first plunge into this world of making a short film.  As actors we are often resources for writers and directors who can bring the vision to life. We are often dependent on that vision. We need that blueprint to create our own moments.  This time I have felt the urge to create that blueprint myself. It's scary, will what I am trying to say come across?  What if I don't like what I end up with?
I'm glad that after all this pondering what I'm left with is that my desire to do this is greater than all the what ifs.  I just need to make this short, everything else will resolve itself.

This is new to me and I'm looking forward to the first day!