Here I post my discoveries, epiphanies and lessons learned during my ongoing pursuit of the art of performance, on stage, film, street, park, etc.

The Day Job

All working actors or should I say artists are familiar with the "day job".  I am not gonna generalize here and say artists usually seem to mention their day jobs as something that they'd rather not talk about because they are oh so boring or just a stupid job for money... but it might just be that .. a boring job for money.  But lately I have decided to look at it a little differently, perhaps I've realized how much this industry of "art" is about money. In fact I recently read an article on Backstage headlined "They don't call it ShowArt", yea, take that.  Being labeled as "struggling artists" is not something gets you discounts for showcases, workshops, classes, headshots, etc.  All these are requirements for the industry we are trying to make it in and our day jobs are paying for all this.  So I've decided to say it with confidence rather than a submissive chuckle that yes I work on websites because guess what? That pays the bills, brings money that allows me to attend classes and train and keep my game on.  Keep my .. as they say .. instrument tuned..

I know I know, what if your day job is quiet boring and intolerable... perhaps just thinking about how it is allowing you to practice your art to some extent will help you look at it more than just an unbearable activity.  Sure it would be perfect if we got to train all day and attend auditions and kudos to you if you can.  You are lucky, enjoy it, make the most of it.  But, if you can't afford to, and instead you are in the land of evening classes and rehearsals, and hold a job, in today's day and age, who after a day of work is ready to dive into your passion, well I would say double kudos to you.

New York

This year I will be spending a couple of months beginning April 10 in New York.  The goal is to watch, observe and work in theaters in New York.  To me New York means a place where people who are serious about performance and theater get a chance to work with established companies and learn from experienced artists.  There is always that moment when you go to a place where people are doing things you have always dreamed of doing and there is a feeling of excitement, pressure and curiosity.  I felt all this  and at times did feel overwhelmed.  But, I choose to look at all this as an opportunity to be around people who are serious and dedicated to the art they are in.  Artists here are here because they believe in the possibility of them achieving their goals.  This mindset is important to be around.  If you want something and you are around people who either have it or work on getting it, you see what you need and where you are in your own pursuit.  I believe this time spent in New York, will help answer these questions for myself.