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My first time being in a new musical workshop

I am ecstatic to be part of Cutting Ball Theater's Ozma of Oz: A trip hop musical.  At the end of two weeks of rehearsal, we will be recording music and doing two readings for the public.  I have heard great things about Cutting Ball's adventurous nature and am happy to be part of this journey.

I had no idea what a workshop entails.  Well, this is a world where all is open to dialogue and discovery. During the last three rehearsals I found myself in midst discussions about characters, plot, line edits, etc.  There are countless references being thrown around.  Considering, this is from the Wizard of Oz series, there is a lot of substance to be talked about.  Every rehearsal I end up with a list of plays, music, authors and such that I'd like to look up to see how they served as an inspiration.

As an actor we try various approaches to visualizing our characters, saying our lines, playing with lyrics and rhymes, and this is just the reading part, I can't wait till we work with the band (Z.O.N.K).  This process is so refreshing, where your concerns are different than "oh man, I need to be off book in a week!?!" It's cool to find myself humming songs that no one knows yet! This process is more about the creation, at this point you have the power to shape the story and contribute in the process.

I find all this to be very inspiring as a process, an example to show what goes into creating something like a musical, a lot of homework of course! As each rehearsal we are provided the edits we made at the last one.  I am fully enjoying this iterative, collaborative work with creative folk who are equally excited about the process as the creators.  Can't wait to see where we will be at the end of two weeks. This reading will be instrumental in getting people interested in the upcoming musical. Come see us bring the story of Ozma of Oz to life with music Jun 10&11. 

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